Learn Spanish in Buenos Aires - Pairs

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Argentina’s capital Buenos Aires is the perfect place to start your journey in South America. And the best way to kick your journey off is by learning some Spanish, giving you the opportunity to get the most of this great continent. So what could be better than joining our high quality language courses in the heart of lovely Buenos Aires, including accommodation at one of the amazing Milhouse hostels where you will have a chance to practice your newly found Spanish skills as well as hang out with young people from all over the world.

This course is meant for travellers wanting to do a pair/couple course.

Learning Spanish might not be easy but we will make it fun using a very dynamic method. Either in groups, pairs or individually, before you realize it you'll be speaking Español like a native!!! Choose from 1,2,3 or 4 week courses

Spanish Lessons - 1 week - 20 Hours
Just landed in South America without a word of Spanish? Feel like improving a bit your skills to make the most out of your trip? This course is ideal for those with just a few days to learn the basics of the language.

Spanish Lessons - 2 weeks - 40 Hours
Stay with us while learning our beautiful and sexy language. Speaking Spanish will definitely help you to meet more people and have a great time. Great choice if you plan a long trip around South America.

Spanish Lessons - 3 weeks - 60 Hours
Being in South America without speaking Spanish is like watching just half of a fantastic movie. Dare to watch the other half! If you plan to volunteer or work in South America, this course is your perfect match.

Spanish Lessons - 4 weeks - 80 Hours
Speaking our language is the key to live the real Latin American experience. Perfect option if you want to speak like a Porteño.
  • Weekly Schedule

    Our Spanish Courses stand out from any other Spanish School in B.A. because we combine dynamic material with practice days out in the city.

    Milhouse is fun, and our Spanish lessons are no different. You don't just learn the words, you learn to speak and communicate in Spanish with locals, neighbours, and your new Argy friends. And the best thing is that it works!!

    Our teachers -professional, young and friendly people-, teach you handy stuff during in-house lessons to later apply and practice what you’ve learnt during visits around the city to cultural and leisure venues.

    This is an example of one week's language lessons that gives you a general idea on what you can expect from your stay. The longer your language course, the more in-depth and detail-oriented the lessons will get.

  • Day 1

    Morning lesson: Greetings, countries, nationalities, jobs and occupations, the alphabet, numbers (1-20), months of the year, days of the week. Introducing yourself. Asking about personal information. Game: getting to know your classmates. Afternoon lesson: Revision: Practising a dialogue either with different classmates or with the teacher. Food and drinks. Ordering food at a restaurant. Telling the time. Grammar of the verb 'to be'. Written exercises to consolidate all the new grammar. Role play.

  • Day 2

    Morning lesson: Introducing someone else. Dealing with money and change. Numbers 20-100. Clothes and shoes. Going shopping. Written exercises. Role play. Afternoon lesson: Giving directions. Asking where useful places are. Role play. Prepositions and colours. How to make questions.

  • Day 3

    Morning lesson: The simple present of regular verbs. Talking about your family. Possesive adjectives. Vocabulary: Adjectives to describe physical appearance. Afternoon lesson: Dice game to make sentences using the simple present tense (regular verbs). Having a telephone conversation (making an appointment over the phone). How to leave a message. Formal and informal forms to address another person. Making invitations. How to accept and decline an invitation. How to talk about timetables and places.

  • Day 4

    Morning lesson: Introducing irregular verbs. Written exercises. Expressing obligation. House chores. To say how often we do things. Vocabulary: Parts of the house. Afternoon lesson: Buying tickets at the train and bus stations. Booking a hotel room. Making plans for the future. Direct and indirect object. Role play.

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You will be staying at one of the two Milhouse youth hostels (Hipo & Avenue) in Buenos Aires. Accommodation is in a 6-bed dorm with a private bathroom, or alternatively you can choose to stay in a private room. Strategically located in the core of downtown Buenos Aires, both Milhouse hostels occupy stunning, five-storey 19th century houses, built around a charming, colonial-style atrium. Milhouse has earned its reputation as Buenos Aires’s party king by offering guests the spectacular.

The only hostels in Buenos Aires to provide organized entertainment every day and night of the week - from salsa and tango lessons to tickets to all the football games and most exclusive clubs in Buenos Aires - this is the perfect place to let your hair down and make great friends from all over the world. And, with comfortable beds, spotless rooms, free internet, Wi-Fi access and a full laundry service, it’s a great place to recover too.


No transportation included


Breakfast included


Homework will be assigned after each lesson to ensure enough practice is provided. On days when the class is conducted outside, all expenses such as coffees, drinks, food, bus/tube tickets, museum tickets and some taxi rides, will be paid in cash by the students. Teachers will not be able to reimburse or compensate a student for a missed lesson.

Every week there will be an informal meeting for our clients, where there will be an opportunity to talk with a member of the Milhouse team about your Spanish lessons.

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